Everyone Loves the Underdogs

I accept the challenge...LoL To become better than I ever could without my experiences. I trust the universal plan for my life. I understand that Joy/Love/Peace are the final goal in every moment. With the life I was living that was impossible. I was so far out of alignment with my purpose that I became trapped in my own misery. The only thing that changed that and turned everything around was my trust and faith that I was not meant to suffer. Accepting the beauty that was so heavily contrasted in my life was there for a reason. Instead of hiding from myself by any numbers of things I decided that taking care of myself was the only option. This body was created or me to have this life, It isn't mine to treat badly. Life is sacred in each Now Moment you are present to so showing up mindfully gives respect to whatever you believe the source of your life is. Isn't it true that you get what you give? Showing gratitude and appreciation for the things you do have is the only way to get more of what you want. Then aligning what you want with what is good for you can open your mind in ways you may have never dreamed of.

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