I survived Human Trafficking and Lived to tell about it.

I am a true Warrior of Life. I sit proudly in my glory. Today I have found a true Spiritual path. A path to Love in abundance and freedom beyond my wildest dreams. I am taking my story to the world to shine light in the shadows of a sometimes cruel world. I take full responsibility for the chaos in my life. I invited these circumstances by separating myself from God unknowingly. I forgive myself for all past mistakes and do not take these lessons lightly. This day is a day for the history books in my world. I stand up for those who don't have mouths to speak. The truth will set us all free. To all the girls still suffering I send you Love and Blessings through whatever platform I can. This is my way of showing them that life can still be alive. Take the truth and turn it into a triumph, if you do. The world will shift and your heart and mind can open to the blessings of the universes continuous Love. You are worthy of Love and I see you. I am with you in spirit and they can never take your Joy.

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