What saved my Life?

The freedom of expression throughout my journey gave me an outlet for my most intense emotions. Giving myself a place to release negative energies. I looked to find beauty in the darkness and where I couldn't find any I dreamed up ideas for when I did. I lost everything I owned numerous times, but that was my fuel for brilliance I learned later on. Turning a plain white background into a piece of unique personal style in creative ways. Each creation was a small victory every

time. Some days I would sit obsessively for hours and create an entire finished piece in 4 hours (my record) or taking my time and spending weeks preparing and envisioning both were equally equivalent in the end. The inspiration came from Angels on my path. They held my hand through darkness and nudged me gently to peruse my passion. I never felt like working for the Man again after my military career. Personally I believe that at each level of our government there are extremely corrupt people pulling everyone's' strings on a daily basis. If you do not believe me check the facts. We have had outside influences dictating our every move. Its time to stand up for freedom of equality in all factions of our systems. We need leaders who live in Love and truly want to serve and protect. I was let down by agencies that took advantage of my vulnerability who should have been entrusted allies. I'm talking Federal Police officers and Government Facilities who lie to the public and abuse their power on a daily basis for money. Lets stand-up to the corruption instead of turning a blind eye. People in authority these days have taken our kindness for weakness. Remember people there is 99% of us to their 1%. Lets do the math, I know in my heart that we are ready to stand-up for ourselves, the children of the future and the suffering people struggling still. We (everyone who wants to see a brighter future) need to be the change we see in the world.

The best revenge is living a full abundant life. Inspite of...